Acting in several segments in the areas of heavy civil construction, environmental and basic sanitation, cleaning and conservation, telecommunications and telephony, and electromechanical assemblies, it counts on experienced professionals in high technology fields, thus maintaining a quality standard and consequently full satisfaction of its clients. customers.

Grupo Potivias

Lawyer specializing in Waste Law, Environmental Law, Infrastructure Law and Energy Law in the industrial, electronics, automotive, packaging, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, water and sanitation sectors, agribusiness, food, building materials, machinery and equipment. , construction and engineering, textile, forestry, timber, retail trade, financial, technology, port, airport, road and waterway, pneumatic, chemical, mining, oil and gas, steel, solid waste, public cleaning, generation and transmission of electric energy , among other segments of the economy.

Fabricio Soler

Founded in April 2012, Potivias Ambiental Ltda. is a pioneer in Brazil in technology for treatment and recovery of urban solid waste by Vermi-composting (accelerated composting and vermi-digestion).

Potivias Ambiental

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Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Consórcios

The Engineering Clinic was formed after the continued use of the consulting activity, using the legal entity of the companies Lorena Indústria e Comércio de Plásticos Ltda, from 1987 to 1997 and Termovale Industrial Ltda, from 1998 to 2001, which defines us as experienced, although "new".

Clínica de Engenharia

Consult is a consulting and advisory services company in the most diverse specialties that encompass the Public Administration at all levels. In this context, it is fundamentally important to respect and observe the laws, regulations, constitutional principles and jurisprudence on the part of the professional that is part of the structure of the organs and entities that are related to each other in the search for effective public policy.

Consulte Consultoria de Capacitação em Gestão Pública

Founded on May 17, 1991, ARCOL CONSULTORIA DE NEGÓCIOS, over the years, has developed a dynamic and effective partnership with municipalities throughout the country, leading to a high standard of services and providing highly positive results to Municipal Administrations , thus contributing to the country's economic and social development

Arcol Consultoria em Negócios

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Claudia Franzoni

The Vocare Institute works in several areas of knowledge, providing services to public and private institutions, providing continuing education courses, lato senso graduate courses, conferences for educational projects, workshops, lectures, technical courses and vocational training courses.

Instituto Vocare

A technical consulting company specialized in different sectors, which provides direct support in International Relations among other services, advising Brazilian and foreign companies, opening doors to national opportunities and beyond borders

Chevallier Business Management

Communication and technology have to be simple, simple as well. Simplicity has to do with putting the right things in the right place, providing the tool you need at the time you need it. Cut off excess. Transform complex products into easy-to-use experiences. When you first see something and already know how it works, it's simplicity.


Viatel, a Brazilian company incorporated on December 24, 1985, maintains its focus on heavy civil construction. It offers its clients, implementation of complete engineering solutions with deep knowledge in development and project management for the various sectors of the economy. With professionals qualified to execute strategic skills in its segments, Viatel maintains excellence in its services, seeking specialized ways to supply the market demand in important projects.

Viatel Construtora

It is a company that provides professional services to the most diverse companies in the most diverse services.

We act in the advisory and business consulting, representations and strategic intermediations, mergers and acquisitions, participations, real estate developments.

Our Management (Meritocracy and Partnership)

One Invest Assessoria, Consultoria e Participações

Caviolla Seguros was born to provide complete advice in the insurance segment, with a specialized team to offer a customized solution to the characteristics presented by your profile. Therefore, it has strong partnerships with the best insurers in the market and it permanently develops specific products for each business niche, look for us, we are sure that we will have the solution for your needs

Caviolla Seguros

We provide effective solutions for all types of business segment, aiming at the needs of each client and offering services within the context of their respective companies, but maintaining its main objective: "Develop Quality Solutions".